9 Benefits of Using a VPS For Your Business

If you’re planning on hosting a website for your business, you might be aware that there are quite a few hosting plans that you can choose from. And your choice might depend on your business goals and needs. While considering your options, you may have come across Virtual Private Server (VPS) as one of the web hosting plans but were unsure if it’s the right fit for your business. Choosing the correct hosting plan for your business, as well as a reliable one, is extremely important to avoid customer loss. And we believe that a VPS can help accomplish the needs of a lot of small and medium-sized businesses.

Before the advent of VPS, small businesses had to invest a lot of money to purchase their own hardware to house individual websites and applications. This led to a severe underutilization of servers. Moreover, because small businesses already have limited investment capacity, this overpayment led to a compromise in new technology and an inability to keep up with competition. Once VPS came along, things changed.

So, what exactly is VPS? A Virtual Private Server is a virtualized hosting solution offered by IT companies in Kuwait that is a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. (To learn more about shared and dedicated hosting, check out our blog that details different types of hosting plans and how you can choose the best one for your business.) The “virtual” here means that a single physical server is segregated into a number of different virtual servers that operate separately from one another. And “private” here means that these virtual servers have their own dedicated resources including memory, space, and CPU cores. Because the virtual server is tailored to the individual customer or business’s needs, it has both the privacy of a dedicated server and the cost-effectiveness of a shared server.

VPSs are ideal for businesses that have outgrown shared hosting. This multi-tenanted cloud infrastructure is simple and cost-effective but also very powerful and reliable. The benefits of using a VPS are many. Here, we have attempted to list some of the main ones:

1. Reliability

Virtualized hosting gives your website a much higher uptime and performance guarantee. This is because unlike shared hosting, one single bad website on a VPS cannot crash the entire server. It ensures that you have system resources on-demand and on a 24/7 basis, increasing reliability and stability.

2. Flexibility & Scalability

If you're a small business experiencing steady growth, or if your business tends to fluctuate a lot, VPS is great for scaling up and scaling down your resources as and when it’s needed. And it’s as easy as the click of a button. You can also scale up during seasonal peaks, promotions, and sales, when your site traffic is at a maximum, and then scale down once the traffic lessens, all without any technical issues or downtime. Additionally, larger businesses that go through periods of rapid growth can scale-out by implementing multiple VPSs. This load-balances traffic between multiple nodes and improves performance.

3. Speed

With shared hosting, your website’s performance is dependent on the number of resources being used by other websites on the server at that point in time. Since VPS allows for more specialized configurations, and can be optimized to run efficiently for your website, it has a far better performance including a higher capacity and processing power. So, your site can load quicker, and in turn increase user engagement, conversion rates, and your SERPs ranking.

4. Cost

Previously, businesses usually opted for shared hosting plans since VPSs were expensive to use. Today, VPS solutions are offered at affordable prices by top website design & development companies in Kuwait, and with further advances in virtualization technologies, prices are expected to continue dropping. Since dedicated servers are a lot more costlier, VPS hosting is a great way to get features of dedicated hosting at a reduced cost. Moreover, instead of taking on the burden of owning and managing their own servers, small businesses can simply rent the amount of server space and capacity that they require from a server provider.

5. Control & Customization

Without a VPS, you do not get access to your root environment and have to rely on the software packages offered by your hosting provider. A VPS gives businesses greater control by allowing them to use industry-specific software and freely implement any software changes within the server. This feature is similar to that offered by dedicated hosting and is great for e-commerce websites that need software and stricter security protocols that may be incompatible with shared hosting plans. You can either choose a VPS that is fully managed by you (although you can still get technical support if needed) or a VPS that your hosting provider will manage.

6. Security

Separation from other users on the VPS prevents them from accessing resources that are dedicated to you. Plus, your website and data’s isolation from other users prevents one user’s hacked weak password from putting the entire server at risk. You may also choose to put up firewalls or additional security features to enhance your privacy and security.

7. Storage

Compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting provides users access to more storage and bandwidth. This greater space improves performance and reliability, helps support websites with very high traffic, and gives you more control over your resources.

8. Portability

Physical servers are not very portable. If an application needs to be moved over to another server, it would require a significant amount of reconfiguration. Since VPS accounts are generally managed as server images, they can easily be moved to another server with no downtime.

9. Customer Service

With VPS, you get dedicated customer service representatives who can help you resolve technical issues. You will want a quality support team in case your site goes offline all of a sudden or if there’s an issue with your server.

10. Backups

A working backup system is really important for quick recovery in case of downtime. With a managed VPS, you may get an installed and configured backup solution that is automated and stored on a remote server. This means that you can access a working copy of your website at any time.

At Design Master, one of the leading web hosting companies in Kuwait, we offer web hosting plans on reliable UK and US-based web servers. We also offer Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers with the operating system of your choice. Our web servers feature multiple and extremely fast backbone internet connections for 99.9% website hosting reliability. And our hands-on monitoring ensures that there are no malfunctions in your business operations.

Contact us today to choose a plan that best suits your website’s needs!

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