9 Interesting Web Development and Web Design Facts Every Website Owner Should Know

If you are currently building, have previously built, or are planning to build a web application or website, you might be looking for fresh insights that can help you implement big and small changes in your Kuwait web development journey. Today, there are almost 2 billion websites out there. It takes time, will, and effort to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in web design and development, especially if you wish to stand out in this crowded online space. So, even if you are looking to simply redesign, or refresh your website, you’re in the right place. Take the time to learn some of these intriguing facts that will make you want to improve your website.

  1. The first impression counts

    It takes less than a second (0.9 seconds to be precise) for users to form their opinions on their initial visit to a web page. Which is why it’s important to ensure that even those first few seconds have the power to provide users a memorable experience. This can be achieved by implementing a creative web design that includes a well-planned background theme, fonts, icons, color theory, animations, images, layout, etc., all while maintaining an organized and seamless web design.

  2. Most people just scan

    A study by Nielsen Norman Group discovered that while only 16% of users actually read a website’s text word by word, 79% of them just scanned the page. This means you should be incorporating skimmable and scannable texts like keywords, sub-headings, and bulleted lists into your website. Although a text-heavy page is good for SEO, the fewer the words, the easier it is for users to run through your content. If a website is not formatted to be scannable, most visitors will lose interest and click out. High quality graphics, hypertext links, and good writing also make for an easy-to-read page.

  3. Mobile device = 2/3rd of web usage

    Technological shifts have made surfing the web on the go on mobile phones far more convenient and common than using a desktop computer for the same. So, the priority with any website should be to optimize it for mobile use, with the help of a mobile responsive website design company in Kuwait, so that you can deliver an optimal user experience to all your users regardless of the device they’re using. In fact, you should also consider if offering a mobile app would further enhance user experience.

  4. Web browsers render differently

    Different browsers on different devices render websites differently. In other words, a website that looks one way on Google Chrome on your desktop may look another way on Mozilla Firefox on the same desktop, and might look yet another way on your iPhones Safari. Because different browsers can give different rendering effects to the same website, it’s important to incorporate cross-browser testing in your web development process to ensure that the quality of your website is maintained for all users alike.

  5. A 3 year old website is too old

    The digital world is constantly evolving and you should too. As aspects of the internet change from time to time, websites are also affected by the change. A website that was designed three years ago will not be able to provide the same level of user experience without upgrading to the most recently available technology. A lot of top companies have already started powering their websites with newly emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and Blockchain with the help of the best web designers in Kuwait. To stay in the game, you should never stop nurturing and modifying your website.

  6. Source code affects search engine ranking

    When writing the website code, developers often forget that each word has the potential to increase page reach and attract traffic. Search engines read websites’ source code and derive ranking signals from them. Hence, an SEO-friendly code will naturally rank higher. Developers can incorporate SEO during the development process by focusing on elements like title tags, meta description tags, structured data tags, and header tags.

  7. Loading time should be within 2 seconds

    Did you know that a whole 47% of users expect websites to load in less than 2 seconds? If your website takes longer than that to load, visitors can easily get frustrated and they probably won’t stick around. A study conducted by 55 and Deloitte and commissioned by Google found that decreasing a website’s load time by a mere one tenth of a second, led to a considerable increase in conversion rates (8.4%for retail, and 10.1% for travel sites). Website speed matters. Don’t fall short of viewing load time as a key performance metric.

  8. Website templates can be restrictive

    If you like to DIY things, have little idea about coding, or are reluctant to spend time and money on website development in Kuwait, website templates may seem like a life saver. Afterall, they can help you design an attractive website with ease and no experience. However, once a website template is used, you cannot modify or update it the way you want it. Website templates are rigid and condition the website design to a particular format. In general, it will limit your capabilities in terms of vision, design, and features.

  9. ‘Above the fold’ is not that important

    Since scrolling is pretty much accepted by most internet users today, it is not necessary to put all of your important information above the fold for any page of your website. If your website design calls for elongated content, you may add your content below the fold. Sometimes, taking users on a conversion-focused journey through your webpage can inspire them to hit that call-to-action button regardless of where it is placed.

    You can always keep experimenting with new and innovative approaches to your website, while keeping these important facts in mind. Perhaps one of the most impactful takeaways from this list is to never stop upgrading your website periodically. An out-of-date website that does not include any of the latest trends and design changes, will get thrown out of the mix very quickly. In order to keep a website well-updated, you need experienced web developers and web designers in Kuwait who are at the top of their game and knowledgeable about all the latest improvements that need to be incorporated in your website. To gain a competitive edge in this dynamic industry of web design and development, contact Design Master, one of the top website design and development companies in Kuwait!

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