An Intro To APIs That Can Enhance Your Web App

There used to be a time when implementing certain features for mobile and web applications was no easy feat. Before the advent of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), it would have taken a lot of manual work to put advanced features into action. Today, APIs allow app developers to use a streamlined process to enhance on-site experience without all the added work.

So what is this API that is simplifying the creation of impressive online experiences?

Essentially, an API is a software intermediary that allows applications to talk to each other. It is a construct made available in programming languages that allow app development companies and mobile app developers in Kuwait to manifest complex functionalities with greater ease. It can also be thought of as an easier syntax used as a replacement for a far more abstract and complex code.

Let’s say you wish to functionalize a weather app. Instead of trying to write the entire code from scratch using something like C++, you can utilize an API which is already written in a higher-level language like JavaScript or Python. Then whenever someone looks up the weather of a specific place, the app will not gather all meteorological information by itself. Instead, it will collect the specific information that it needs through the API of a weather service and then display the results to the user. So in definitive terms, an API delivers a user response to a system and sends the system’s response back to the user. It acts as a connecting channel that allows smooth data transmission from one system to another.

However, the advantages of an API does not end at the amount of functionality it provides to web and mobile application development in Kuwait. APIs make the workflow faster and smoother, allow for greater flexibility in delivering services, and allow them to be shared and distributed much more easily. Finally, API adds an extra layer of security because the phone’s data is never fully exposed to the server, and the server’s data remains protected from the phone. Moreover, modern APIs are much more developer-friendly, standardized, and have their own development lifecycle (SDLC).

Unsurprisingly, Google’s APIs make up a decent portion of all existing APIs. Here, we have attempted to list some of the most popular Google APIs used by top website design and development companies in Kuwait:

  • Google Maps - Google Maps APIs let you embed maps and 360-degree street view into applications. Secondly, they help retrieve directions using real-time traffic data to simplify ridesharing and delivery. Thirdly, it can help retrieve places and points of interest. The Google Maps Platform hosts an entire collection of APIs for everything you may need to integrate the outside world with your app.
  • Vertex AI - Google’s Vertex AI can be used for building, deploying, and scaling Machine Learning (ML) models. It includes pre-trained models that can be incorporated with developers’ existing models. Even mobile app developers with minimal expertise can build and deploy specific models with these APIs.
  • Natural Language AI - This API can be used to analyze unstructured text from documents, chats, emails, social media, etc., to assess customer opinions and feelings using content classification features.
  • Vision AI - This group of APIs can help you analyze images and detect objects, printed and handwritten text, faces, and places, among other things like language and emotion data. These are great for elevating user experience because customers can search for a product that is similar to those worn in an image previously uploaded by them.
  • Video AI - Similar to the Vision AI APIs, these allow for the indexing, organization, searching, and filtration of video content. They can annotate video content with time frame labels, which can in turn identify the best locations to insert ads (by matching ads with labels).
  • Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text - This API is equipped with a speech synthesis technology that can convert text into speech that sounds natural. This feature allows for the integration of apps with lifelike voices. In turn, audio from over 125 languages can also be converted to text. This includes converting live phone calls as well as recorded audio and video. Additional features such as speaker identification, profanity filtering, and automatic punctuation can help improve accuracy.
  • Translation AI - Great for the globalization of applications, the Translation AI API can conduct fast and dynamic translations between hundreds of language pairs. It can help app owners reach a wider audience and improve user experiences with real-time translations.
  • Analytics - Tracking your website’s visitor activity is more than just watching web traffic go up or down. Google Analytics APIs let users monitor custom data (like conversion rates, lifetime value calculations, etc.), create special tracking dashboards for their site’s backend, and get a deeper insight into sales funnel tracking.

Other APIs that might be worth your time:

  • Twilio - The Twilio API is used by businesses that wish to integrate voice, SMS, chat, or AI bots into their websites. For example, the API can send automatic appointment reminders via text, to those visitors that scheduled an appointment through the website.
  • Dropbox - If you need a secure place to store important files from your website, you can turn to the Dropbox API. It is also helpful for complex tasks like letting visitors upload resume files to your Dropbox account directly. Plus, it makes e-signing documents a breeze.
  • PayPal/Stripe - APIs for payment processors have eliminated the need to process payment information manually. And apart from just collecting payments, these APIs can be used for their capabilities of tracking, and handling refunds and disputes.

Apart from these, there are a ton of social media APIs that application developers can implement to allow users to log into the site or app using a social media profile. This allows users to access content quickly and lets them share content socially, which can be a great way to improve site engagement.

Finally, we should add that a lot of the APIs mentioned in this article can be combined. For example, the Text-to-Speech And Speech-to-Text APIs can be integrated to create a touch-free over-the-phone customer service experience. The best place for developers to find detailed information on an API is to look at their respective home documentation pages.

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