Digital Marketing: What, Why, & How

Rife use of computers and smartphones has led to an explosion in digital technology; this era is the era of digital marketing.

Generally, successful marketing entails the identification and satisfaction of unmet customer needs. When done the right way, it accelerates inbound leads and attracts a large customer base. Marketing is all about catering to your best prospects. And in today’s day and age, your best prospects are constantly online, whether that be hanging out on social media or reading up on news sites and articles. It has now become imperative for businesses to step out of traditional marketing tactics and experiment with new ones.

Unlike traditional marketing, which is largely static and one-way, digital marketing is a dynamic and interactive process. It is a cluster of marketing efforts that utilizes the internet, electronic devices, search engines, social media, and other online channels to connect with current and potential customers. Digital marketing puts you in an ideal position to be noticed by your best prospects. It makes it far easier for you to grab their attention and for them to learn more about your products/services. To put this into perspective, Google and Facebook, in today’s marketing world, generate greater revenue than any other media company in the game. This is simply because they have more people’s attention. And how do you get more people’s attention? Through digital marketing.

All in all, digital marketing is a broad term that embodies a variety of digital channels and a successful digital marketing strategy uses a multifaceted approach that aims to combine these various channels in order to connect with prospective customers. The three most prominent methods of conducting digital marketing include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The main goal of SEO is to optimize your content so that it drives your search engine traffic and maximizes it. However, SEO isn’t just about optimizing the content that you create solely for the search engine. Apart from this being an unethical practice, it fails to generate long-term revenue and create a sustainable business. Moreover, it fails to focus on the human side of things. An important goal of SEO should be to ultimately deliver valuable, high quality content, that prospective customers would actually like to engage with. SEO is not just a science, it’s an art. Because there is no quantifiable rubric that guarantees a high ranking. Google, the most highly used search engine, for instance, constantly changes its algorithm. So even though different factors like content quality, user engagement level, mobile-friendliness, and inbound links’ frequency and quality can be strategically combined to effectively optimize a page, it is typically impossible to make precise predictions.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Just like SEO, social media marketing is a very organic way of marketing your business. In fact, SMM is an important enhancer and supporter of SEO as it uses social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, etc., to create brand awareness, drive online traffic, and generate business leads. Especially for B2C marketers, it is one of the most widely used content mediums and involves active audience participation. Establishing social trust is also an important aspect of SMM. This marketing channel takes up considerable time and effort, but today, more than ever, it is crucial to create a meaningful dialogue with your audience rather than convince them to immediately spend their money.

Google Ads

While SEO and SMM focus on producing long-term results, launching a Google Ads campaign generally increases short-term market reach. Google Ads is an online marketing tool that you can use to secure a high website ranking, promote your brand, and attract people that are looking up your products/services. How this works is, you select a few keywords to represent your brand. When a user searches for those specific keywords, they will see your ad. Google then sums up all of the clicks on your ad and charges you per click. This tool is commonly used for e-commerce websites, who generate ongoing sales and leads by bidding on specific keywords that are related to their stocked products. This technique provides a level playing field for big and small business alike as both international and local brands have fair access to the same group of prospective customers. And one of the biggest advantages of using a Google Ads campaign is that when combined with a measurement tool like Google Analytics, it is fully measurable and scalable. You can constantly measure your progress and scale the ads up or down depending on the amount of traffic you wish to generate. Finally, businesses can benefit the most when a Google Ads campaign is combined with an SEO strategy. Called search engine marketing, this combined approach helps businesses achieve both short-term and long-term traffic.

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