Getting Started With Video Marketing

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. YouTube. TikTok. LinkedIn. Video has dominated and at the very least, penetrated every prominent social media platform. Think about pretty much any social media site. If they aren’t video focused yet, they’re definitely transitioning into video. People spend more time watching videos on YouTube than they do on Facebook and Netflix combined. And it isn’t solely for entertainment purposes. At least 90% of consumers admit to making buying decisions after watching a video. In a world that is surging with 360 videos and live streams, businesses know that they can no longer sustain themselves through written content and visual images alone.

Video marketing has taken a huge leap forward from what it used to be. It wasn’t accessible to all businesses, primarily because it required specialized creativity and a large budget. Today, you can create transformative videos with a lot less effort and without spending a fortune. Believe it or not, you don’t need a fancy camera or expert editing skills to create a video that connects with your customers. Are you reading this on a smartphone? There, you have your 4K video recorder. Moreover, consumers actually prefer videos that are “real” and have an overarching element of authenticity to them. Having a video marketing strategy in your arsenal is a powerful tool that will allow you to engage and educate your audience across multiple platforms with relative ease.

Once you’ve nailed down the basics of your strategy, you’re bound to start thinking about the actual video itself. There are a variety of types and styles of videos that you should be tailoring to your specific product/service and marketing goals. Here is a breakdown of the different types of marketing videos:

  • Commercials – These are highly targeted and extremely short videos, usually not more than a minute long. They’re meant to be direct and encapsulate the brand’s best features and main takeaways. It is important that ads are clear in their message and end with a solid call-to-action. Your product/service’s value proposition and brand mission should attract and engage the viewers. Once made, these promos can also prove a great accessory on your website’s homepage.
  • Explainers – These videos can function as perfect introductions to your brand. They also feature a prominent call-to-action. However, the purpose of this video is to quickly and efficiently explain how your company solves a particular consumer problem. They should provide a simple solution to a complex problem. Explainers can also be seamlessly integrated into blogs and newsletters.
  • Demos – These are product videos in which your primary goal is to… show-off. Seriously, don’t hold back. Don’t compromise on production and sound quality either. These are short, so you want to include all of the things that make your product amazing and different from other products out there. If you want to attract consumers, you’ll want to display all of the beauty, utility, and necessity of your product.
  • Testimonials – These might be one of the best ways to prove to your prospects that your product/service can indeed solve their problem. Selfie view videos from your satisfied, loyal customers is an incredibly effective way to increase your brand credibility. It’s important to be cautious though. You only want to choose someone who looks and speaks in an authentic manner, so that you can build on your customers’ trust.
  • Educational and How-To Videos – This is a great way to add value for your audience. It’s primarily instructional in nature, a brilliant medium for a viewer to learn how to do something. It can also simply be infused with information that’ll help them learn more about your business and solutions. Informative guides and unique thought pieces can do a lot to engage your audience and get them thinking.
  • 360 & Virtual Reality (VR) Videos – These spherical style videos have the ability to create an immersive visual experience for the viewers, in which they almost feel like they’re physically present in the location or event being depicted. They can also explore their surroundings by navigating on their devices. However, these kinds of videos do require sophisticated video and audio equipment. So, plan ahead and give some thought to whether or not your viewers might be interested in an enhanced virtual experience of your product.

Now that you’ve determined the type and style of video that’s appropriate for your business, it’s time to actually start planning the video. This is the pre-production stage. Doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man-team, shooting the video on your phone. It’s essential to have a brainstorming session where you write down your ideas and give them some direction. Channel your creativity into creating something that directly speaks with your audience. Formulate a script but remember that your video can be a silent one too. Storyboards help in developing a good look and feel of the video.

For the production stage, start with ensuring that the audio/visual quality are up to your standards. Use appropriate lighting to set the mood and the tone of the video. Cater your stylistic choices to the vision that you wish to communicate. The goal is to match your creative planning with your marketing goals.

Once you’ve shot the video, you’ll be entered into the post-production stage. The way you edit your video will affect your branding, so make sure that it reflects your creative vision. The sound effects are just as important. Sometimes, a simple additional layer of sound is what creates the difference between a high-quality video and a low-quality one. There’s also the option to add some professionality to your video by using graphic elements like animation, names, logos, etc. Most importantly, you want to lead your audience to your product, so don’t forget to end with a clear and concise call-to-action. You want it to capture the attention of your viewers without it being disruptive.

Now that video content is increasingly being prioritized across almost all platforms, it’s time you boost your competitive edge by taking advantage of this excellent marketing tool. You only deserve the best Facebook and Instagram marketing experts who will give your video the necessary exposure. Design-Master is a premier online social media marketing company in Kuwait and one of the best video marketing companies in Kuwait. Our online marketing experts and SEO service providers will work with you to realize your brand vision.

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