How A 360 Virtual Tour Can Elevate Your Business

Customers are always looking for ways to ensure that their time and money is spent wisely. If they get the opportunity to walk through spaces prior to physically traveling to them, they will gladly seize it. That is exactly what 360 virtual tours allow businesses to do.

Exponentially growing in popularity, 360 virtual tours now are not exclusive to the hospitality sector. Businesses of almost all types and sizes can gain meaningful advantages by offering virtual tours of their facility. They function as an excellent marketing tool to generate more engagement and trust in your products and services. Plus, humans have always been, and are increasingly becoming, more and more visually stimulated. This necessitates the creation of high-quality visual content for your business.

A 360 virtual tour is a three-dimensional representation or a simulation of a space’s interior. Composed of a sequence of still images, they give clients the ability to step inside your business’s facility from anywhere and through any device. They not only serve the purpose of visually engaging visitors, but also give them a clear picture of what your business has to offer. There’s a reason it’s called “sticky content.”

Let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits of virtual tours that Kuwait’s digital marketing services can offer:

  • In today’s fast-paced digital world, holding visitors’ attention for more than a few seconds is harder than it seems. Because virtual tours are immersive, fun, and interactive, they can keep viewers engaged for longer with ease.
  • According to a study by Panono, websites that feature a 360 virtual tour have a 27% higher conversion rate. So, you can generate a lot more sales and at a faster pace.
  • It can provide customers with a sense of security and ownership since they can visualize themselves in the space and know if they’re getting something worthwhile.
  • Your virtual tours can be seen through Google’s search results and also on Google Maps, making your business easily discoverable.
  • It’s one of the most inexpensive marketing avenues. Think of it like a long-term ad for a one-time cost. It can save you a lot of time and money.
  • It’s a great way to stand out from your competition. Nothing gives you more of a competitive edge than using state-of-the-art marketing technologies.
  • It’s also a great way to organically boost your SEO and get higher up in search engine rankings.
  • They are a great way to give potential customers a glimpse of your company’s personality and your brand identity.
  • If you are selling or renting a specific space like a wedding venue or an apartment, by going through the virtual tour to get the feel of the atmosphere and not having to step into the property, customers can make more informed decisions. This will increase buying intent when potential customers physically visit the property since they have already decided that they’re interested.
  • It allows you as marketers to use imagery and videography to showcase the beauty of your business and highlight its benefits.

By showing off your products and services three-dimensionally, you will be able to motivate online visitors to actually approach your facility and purchase what you have to offer. Almost any type of business that is looking to elevate its digital presence can benefit from a virtual tour with help from a Kuwait online marketing agency. But let’s explore the types of businesses that can benefit the most:

  • Retail Stores & Outlets: Virtual tours can help retailers show their products and services as well as the layout of their store and its contents. It can help them attract the right customers as well as give them an idea about their style and brand.
  • Restaurants: Restaurant owners can showcase the food and drinks that they offer as well as their atmosphere and ambiance. They can also exhibit key features of the restaurant that all visitors might not be able to see in person.
  • Hotels: Since hotels are large and include multi-faceted facilities like accommodation, health and wellness services, entertainment rooms, and eateries, virtual tours are a great way for them to present the variety of services they offer.
  • Colleges & Universities: Since colleges too have multiple facilities and services, and sometimes even multiple campuses, virtual tours can be really beneficial. Showing the different-sized classrooms and the various recreational areas can help attract potential students. In fact, both students and parents can learn to navigate around the campus with greater ease with the use of an interactive virtual map.
  • Tourist Attractions: 360 virtual tours of touristic locations are becoming increasingly popular. The immersive experience offered online can really attract travelers and increase visitation. It can also help them plan their visit.
  • Museums & Galleries: 360 virtual tours allow objects and pieces of arts in a museum to be appreciated from all angles. Museums can also provide context through virtual tours, increasing familiarity of the museum content to the viewers and encouraging in-person visits by them.
  • Hospitals & Clinics: By being able to view hospital rooms, services, and other facilities, patients can make more informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones. It can be extremely useful to have hospital tours integrated into Google Maps to help people find emergency services easily.
  • Conference Halls: Through virtual tours, conference centers can showcase their facility and their amenities. Potential bookers can ensure that their meeting spaces are professional and well-equipped.
  • Salons & Spas: Virtual tours work great for the hospitality sector, and especially for wellness services. Salons that use advanced technologies or provide unique services can take this opportunity to attract more customers.
  • Shopping Malls: Virtual tours of shopping malls are a great way to combine at-home convenience with an outside activity to create the ultimate shopping experience. By mapping out the layout of all stores and the shelves within them, customers can explore different brands from the comfort of their home and make a trip to the mall for purchases. It’s also a great way to show the food courts as well as all other recreational activities offered within the shopping center.
  • Gyms: By taking the chance to show off all of the facilities and equipment, gyms and fitness suites can attract more people. Since people subscribe to gym memberships for a long period of time, virtual tours can curb their hesitancy and increase their confidence in the gym’s services. Moreover, by attaching tags on the equipment and virtually providing viewers with product specifications, user engagement can be increased too.

At Design Master, one of the best social media marketing companies in Kuwait, we offer a range of film and multimedia solutions including video shoots, 3D graphics, post production services, encoding and streaming, and of course, virtual tours. Our team is proficient in all types of Kuwait digital marketing services and our Panoramic 360 virtual tours and photographs are the ultimate visual tool for promoting a view, scene, or room on the internet, or as part of presentations. They are fully immersible (i.e., zoom and spin), 360 x 360 (floors and ceilings visible), and mobile responsive. In our opinion, they are the easiest way for your customers to truly view your facility online. We can produce panoramas of everything from a landscape to the interior of a property to the interior of a car.

Visit our website to check out some of our 360 virtual tour projects and contact us today to get started on yours!

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