The Most Effective Website Promotion Techniques in 2022

So, you’ve finally created a website that promises full functionality and optimal performance. At this stage, it’s only natural for you to wonder about the steps you’ll need to take to promote it effectively. Afterall, without an effective marketing campaign, even the best websites remain unseen and pretty much non-existent to the public eye. A website launch does not guarantee website traffic. So then, you question might be, what does? Spending a fortune on paid advertisements and event sponsorships? No. Spending a ton of money in general? Also no. Believe it or not, not everyone has the financial budget to invest in such elaborate and expensive strategies. In fact, it’s also possible to get away with a successful website promotion, without spending a cent!

Allow us to introduce and detail the execution of some our favorite website promotion strategies, guaranteed to increase your traffic the budget-friendly (or entirely free!) way.

1. Choosing the right web host

When you start to work on your website promotion, you are bound to generate a lot of traffic. Choosing a strong web host is important because your site needs to have sufficient resources in order to handle a large number of visitors simultaneously. When scouting for web hosting companies in Kuwait, analyze the uptime, storage, bandwidth, and affordability offered by their package, and see if it aligns with your business needs. (Check out this blog where we have compiled a step-by-step guide on choosing the best web hosting plan for your website).

2. Solidifying your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Making your website search engine friendly is the best and biggest step you will take in the promotion of your website. Keep in mind that the internet houses over 2 billion websites and with every second that passes, new ones are being created. The last thing you want is to lose your website in this sea of websites. In order to prevent this from happening, you can work on your website’s SEO by hiring an SEO professional or an SEO company in Kuwait. Or, if you wish to minimize expenses and have the time, you can certainly choose the DIY route by making use of the thousands of free SEO guides that are available online. Essentially, SEO helps your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). A higher ranking on Google will in turn generate higher traffic. If planning to implement SEO on your own, focus on optimizing images, customizing your page titles and descriptions, simplifying your URLs (take a look at our guide on choosing the perfect domain name for your business), and building backlinks. When it comes to organic and consistent traffic, and long-term results, an SEO strategy is the most cost-effective website promotion tactic out there.

3. Consider Guest Blogging

This is when you write posts for other website in or relevant to your industry, with each post linking back to your website. This is a great way to direct traffic from already well-established sources back to your website, especially if you’re a new business. And backlinks are a great way to improve your SEO. However, guest blogging is not just about SEO and gaining audience exposure. It’s also about expanding your networkand building contacts within your industry by regularly contributing content and maintaining relationships with publishers. You’ll want to kick off this process by first choosing a website that falls within your niche, has a similar reader base as your own, and is trustworthy. Then, you can go ahead and pitch the editor of the website through email or social media. Make sure your research on the website and its editors is thorough, and your writing style matches theirs. As a note, be wary of creating too many links all at once, as that can get your website banned by search engines. Instead, creating quality inbound links slowly and steadily will be more beneficial for your business.

4. Advertise on Social Media

This is another entirely free method of promoting your website. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit, with billions of users, provide an easy way to promote your website by connecting with other local businesses. You can do this by following pages similar to yours and interacting with them (making a friendly repost, leaving an encouraging comment, etc.)

A few tips to consider:

  • It’s best to post regular updates on Facebook, since it has the biggest user base.
  • Twitter works well for B2C companies that aim to share links, create conversations, and get involved with the audience.
  • Instagram is great for companies that have a younger target audience and need a highly visual platform to promote their website.
  • For Reddit, you will need to identify your niche and follow relevant communities. Only once you’ve made some friends and built a reputation, you can start subtly referencing and promoting your website, in ways that will interest and benefit the community.
  • Perfect for B2B, LinkedIn is a great way to reach out to other professionals and display your expertise.

5. Take advantage of Content Marketing

The key here is to create content that is actually useful and entertaining for your audience. Conducting plenty of research beforehand is elemental to content marketing. A blog is an excellent way to refresh your site with new informationthat appeals to the readers. Blogging does not only help generate brand awareness but broadens your own industry knowledge and skills. However, blogging is not the only and absolute avenue for content marketing. Producing videos, creating a podcast, and starting a newsletter, are all perfectly efficient ways to improve your SEO and promote your website. It’s also important to cross-promote your content through social media.

6. Use Email Marketing

Starting an email marketing campaign is a tried-and-tested way to directly reach your customers. It allows you to share a signup URL with your followers which makes it possible for them to subscribe to your email list without even having to visit your website. These emails can be used to send subscribers sneak peaks, coupons, website scavenger hunt invitations, and links to new blog posts. If you want to get recipients to actually open and read your email, you’ve got to create catchy subject lines. The five most effective keywords, according to research, are “upgrade”, “Just”, “content”, “go”, and “wonderful”.

With tons of easily accessible avenues to promote your website, the barriers to increasing traffic are really low. Even though some website promotional techniques are better suited than others for your specific type of business, it’s important to implement multiple strategies simultaneously in order to squeeze out the most from them. For more information on promoting your industry-specific website, contact Design Master today. Our experience as a long-standing digital marketing company in Kuwait has led us to perfect search engine promotion and online digital marketing.We believe in giving precedence to quality over quantity when creating and posting promotional content.Let us help you drive traffic to your website and retain it in the long-term and take a look at our portfolio here.

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