Tips And Best Practices For A Successful Remarketing Campaign

At this point in time, remarketing is one of the most active ways used by businesses to find new potential customers, increase engagement, and witness significant business growth. It is a powerful marketing strategy since it enables marketers to reach those potential customers who have already visited their website or shown interest in their product/service, resulting in improved targeting and consequently higher conversion rates.

In our last blog, we defined remarketing in more detail and talked about its unique benefits in the digital space. Today, we will cover the different types of remarketing strategies and help you find the one best suited for your business.

  1. Standard/Pixel Remarketing

    With standard remarketing, the most simple and popular type of remarketing, you can show a display ad (a graphical ad) to people who have previously visited your website. In addition to targeting website visitors, you can also recruit SEO specialists in Kuwait to target users who make online searches for terms related to your products/services. Once you are set up with a pay-per-click (PPC) network like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, ads are displayed to people on other websites after they have visited yours. For this strategy to be really effective, people need to have visited your site, later searched for a keyword you’re bidding on, have your ad rank for that keyword, and ultimately pull their click. An example: you’re searching for a flight to Venice but do not actually buy the ticket. Later, you are retargeted with ads of flights, hotels, and car rentals in Venice.

  2. Dynamic Remarketing

    Dynamic ads are ads that are specifically customized for customers based on their browsing behavior. Their purpose is to bring previous visitors back to the website in order to finish a conversion. An idea of how this works on e-commerce websites:

    • If someone doesn’t put anything in their cart, you could retarget them with a picture of a product they viewed.
    • If someone adds an item to their cart but doesn’t make a purchase, you could display an ad to them specifically that offers a discount on the product.
    • If someone purchases an item, you could promote other related products or products from the same brand.

    Facebook dynamic products ads (DPA) have an added advantage in that it lets advertisers directly personalize and automate ads from their websites onto each user’s newsfeed. All you have to do is place the Facebook audience pixel, Web Custom Audience (WCA), on your website so that Facebook can be notified about people’s interest in your web page and keep a track of their movement and navigation throughout the website. You can achieve this with the help of a Kuwait digital marketing company.

  3. List-based Remarketing

    Google AdWords has a Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) feature that matches previously uploaded contact information on a client or prospect database, allowing one to retarget ads to past visitors when they make related follow-up searches. To clarify, pixel-based retargeting is when you choose to advertise material to people who have visited your website, whereas list-based retargeting is when you have a list of contact details for specific people. With customer list marketing, you are usually further down the sales funnel with the potential customers on your list compared to random people who simply visited your website. Facebook too, allows advertisers to upload a list of their current prospects. It can not only check for matching email addresses but can also find audiences that match the demographics of the uploaded customer list.

  4. Video Remarketing

    If your business uploads content on YouTube, you can promote your products/services by retargeting people who have watched your videos, subscribed to your channel, or visited your website. These ads can be placed in the beginning or in-between videos with an option to skip.

  5. Native Remarketing

    Native remarketing lets you target internet users who have shown interest in your product by visiting and reading an article on your business or products/services that has been posted on an external site. You can also leverage native advertising platforms like Outbrain to display ads for your content and redirect visitors back to your website.

  6. Social Media Remarketing

    Often underutilized, almost any social media platform including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, can be used by social media marketing companies in Kuwait to retarget users who have already engaged with your brand or business. Keep in mind that social media channels like Facebook and Instagram have a very high rate of users that passively view ads. So it’s important to retarget on these platforms if you wish to move the visiting audience down your marketing funnel.

    Whether you already have a remarketing campaign in place, or you’re inspired to create one, we have some remarketing tips and best practices we’d like to share that we think will make a helpful contributor to your journey:

    • Each ad platform has a minimum active user requirement to allow remarketing i.e., your remarketing audience needs to be large enough. This means you need to have other key strategies in place, with the help of online marketing agencies, to get enough website visitors to remarket effectively.
    • Make all your marketing strategies work together. For instance, you can use both pay-per-click (PPC) and Facebook ads in conjunction to grow your remarketing audience.
    • Since the people being retargeted are already familiar with your business and have likely seen your ad with the same message more than once, consider refreshing your remarketing ad copy every now and then.
    • Segmenting your customers by their product/service interest, demographic, and geographic location, helps you narrow down the target customers most interested in a singular product/service. It’s best to focus remarketing efforts on the types of products the visitor has already shown interest in instead of assuming that they will be interested in other categories of products sold by the e-commerce store.
    • Most businesses stick to one specific channel (display ads, banner ads, videos ads, etc.) for their remarketing campaigns. However, consumers are never just on one channel. It’s important to spread your remarketing campaigns and reach consumers where they are.
    • On average, it takes around seven touchpoints on a B2B sales funnel before you can expect a conversion. Knowing where exactly a visitor is in your sales funnel will help you make more informed decisions on how to engage them. Then, you can create remarketing lists for each stage and nurture leads by relevantly and progressively moving them through each stage until they become a purchaser.
    • Just because a customer has made their first purchase, you shouldn’t stop remarketing to them. You will want to leverage their interactions with you through post-purchase emailing in order to convince them that they will need you again in the future.
    • Every year, roughly 20-30% of your email list will decay as people lose interest and move on to other things. Instead of continuing to email accounts that are not even opening your messages, you can send something along the lines of “we miss you” and “is this goodbye?” emails to remind the reader of specific benefits they receive from your brand and give them a tempting reason to click.

It’s not easy to land potential customers to your website and maintain their interest. On the other hand, timing plays a crucial role in e-commerce stores. There are chances that a potential customer who abandoned their shopping cart on your website on one day, may have made a purchase on another day. This is why remarketing with the help of internet marketing agencies and SEO professionals in Kuwait is key to ensure potential customers get more than one chance to interact with your brand and find the products/services they need.

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