Trending Mobile App Ideas For Your Restaurant And Food Business

Do you like waiting for long durations in seemingly never-ending queues to simply collect an order of your favorite food? No one does. Which is why the global food delivery market has grown tremendously over the last few years. If a food business has nailed down offering standard food to the right consumers, it’s unlikely to lose its oomph. The inclusion of and major shift to restaurant applications with the help of app development companies in Kuwait has only further fueled the growth of such food businesses. Specifically, since 2014, ordering food online has shown a 300% faster increase than restaurant visits. The range of food options available on these applications combined with the excellent convenience of mobile apps, has unfailingly converted the food industry into a profit-making avenue. In line with a prediction by Statista, the growth in the number of smartphone food delivery application users is expected to continue and reach a peak of almost 54 million users by 2023.

However, staying up to date with technological and market trends is pivotal to online success. And needless to say, food delivery services are not the only path for online food businesses. There are hundreds of food application ideas out there. But we aim to list a few exclusive and popular ones, in favor of current market demands. Here are some of the most profitable restaurant and food mobile app ideas:

  • An app for delivering groceries – On average, people visit grocery stores almost twice a week and on a yearly basis, spend hours and hours purchasing groceries. A grocery shopping and delivery app which lets users take advantage of nearby grocery delivery services, is an incredible time- and effort-saving initiative. Using technologies like RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems), which automatically track the location of people in real time, these apps can easily facilitate door-step delivery.
  • An app for delivering food – You might be a restaurant owner who wants to capitalize on the convenience that food delivery apps bring. The consumer can get hot and ready-to-eat food delivered right to them, by simply enabling their location. And if you might not have the means to handle the deliveries yourself, there’s always the option to hire a third-party delivery service.
  • An app for delivering food from multiply restaurants – Maybe you don’t own a restaurant business at all but still want to benefit off of the lucrative food industry. DoorDash and GrubHub are widely known successful examples of such an app. You’ll need to create a range, offering a blend of both, affordable and expensive restaurants. Though a cliched concept, the ROI from these apps only keep increasing.
  • A food discounts and coupons app – A lot of restaurants engage in frequent promotion, and in order to attract customers, they often sell food at half the original price. Whenever a restaurant is offering a discount on their order, or a coupon for free food items, the application user is alerted. You can also go a step further by establishing tie-ups with different restaurants and offering exclusive discounts and coupons on your application. It’s a win-win for both, the restaurants, and the customers.
  • An app for recipes – A lot of people want to cook their own food, but they might not know where to start. The clear and detailed step-by-step guidelines offered by recipe apps makes cooking a tasty meal for amateurs a lot easier and fun. The app can include complete cooking videos and useful information on ingredients and processes. The app can also offer customizations like user-provided ingredients, regional categories, taste preferences, and health constraints.
  • A food and nutrition app – All the gym enthusiasts out there will greatly appreciate this app. They can find all the needed details about their meals and access a plethora of diet charts for shedding/gaining weight. The type of food can be segmented under vitamin/nutrient labels like carbs, proteins, etc. Even regular restauranteurs can use this app for increasing their customer base.
  • An app for reserving tables – A table booking app is perfect for restaurant owners that dread the thought of losing valuable visitors during holiday and weekend rushes. All customers can be efficiently attended to and satisfied. The app can help users reserve a particular time, date, location, order, and so on.
  • An app for reducing food wastage – A company can uniquely function to supply leftover food items from various restaurants to the population in dire need of such a service. Apart from being a noble social movement on its own, this app idea usually interests big corporations and enterprises, who would be willing to cover some of the operational expenses. If you are a restaurant business owner yourself, developing such an app will help you correctly estimate and track the amount of food that needs to be produced each day, in perfect alignment with maximum customer attendance.
  • An app for tracking calories – What goes into your body, ultimately determines your health. Tracking calorie and food consumption through smart algorithms and nutrition charts, can produce a noticeable impact on consumers’ eating habits by monitoring their dietary behavior and health status. It can also be an extremely beneficial app for medical caregivers and nutritionists who frequently create diet charts for their patients.
  • An AR/VR-based app for exploring restaurants – Being relevant and interactive is key to staying at the top of market trends. AR/VR (Augmented/Virtual Reality) applications, design by top app development companies, can help in this realm, leading to great customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention. The integration of AR/VR can take several forms:
  1. Clients can be entertained and kept engaged while they are waiting for their food.
  2. Virtual menu listing and food staging, with the inclusion of images, videos, and other multimedia, can help customers understand exactly what to expect.
  3. Detailed ingredients along with calorie and nutritional information can provide for an exceptional pre-dining experience.
  4. Social sharing options can help with upsell and direct market promotions. A wide range of content can be displayed on-demand and data can be collected via surveys.

These are only a few of the many restaurant and food app ideas. You can even curate your truly own, unique food application. We at Design Master, provide some of the best mobile app development services in Kuwait, determined to bring our clients’ ideas to life. Our robust experience in the food and restaurant applications, along with our qualified team of mobile app developers in Kuwait has led us to develop apps for Slim Chickens, Wendy’s, and Prime Bites. We specialize in mobile app development for iOS and Android and can help you find your stand in the ever-growing food industry. Take a look at our extensive portfolio here:

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