Types of Mobile App Development Services For Your Business

The prolific industry of mobile app development has unfailingly attracted businesses from each and every corner of the world. In fact, mobile apps have now become the core revenue-generating element of almost all businesses. The radical shift from desktop computing to smartphone use and an exponential increase in the number of features available at the tips of one’s fingertips, has a lot to do with the indispensability of mobile apps today. As more and more businesses arelooking for experienced app developers to build custom apps for their products/services, mobile app development companies in Kuwait are constantly expanding and optimizing their range of mobile app services.

There are a host of factors that app developers and business owners alike have to consider before they get to the actual development process. Depending on the type of app development platform used and the scope of app development services required, the cost and duration of the entire process is variable. Some business might just want an individualized service that offers mobile app consultation or helps create a mobile app design. Others might need assistance with the maintenance, support, and evolution of their mobile apps. Others yet, might want the entire range of services, from app conception to post-warranty support. Most app development companies offer both, stand-alone and full-cycle app development services.

Before we provide this extensive list of services, let’s first summarize the different types of apps and their distinct purposes. The type of app developed is an incredibly important factor when aiming for optimal customer experience. They are:

  • Native Apps – They are written in a specific programming language and are built for a specific operating software that’s run by a particular device.Targeting the two main operating software, most companies offer mobile app development for iOS and Android. Native apps are primarily built to make the most of all the features and functions offered by the device. One can also operate them both online and offline. They ensure higher performance, more sophisticated user experience, better compatibility, and faster configuration.
  • Web Apps – Mobile web apps can easily adapt to various devices and screen sizes. They have similar functionality and responsiveness to native apps, except that they need an active internet connection to work. They have the ability to self-update on web-hosted servers. Companies also offer another kind of web app, called Progressive Web App (PWA), which is essentially a native app running within a browser, made in an effort to improve cross-platform performance across web and mobile.
  • Hybrid Apps – Hybrid apps are easy to build web apps that look and feel much like native apps. They are built on a single platform but can be distributed across all app stores. They load rapidly and are a great economical alternative to native apps.
  • Primarily, top app development companies are skilled in the development of these basic app types. Now, let’s list the entire range of mobile app development services in Kuwait:
  • Consulting & Prototyping – Consultants are trained to research, suggest, and implement improvements to your mobile app or mobile app idea and align them with your business goals. They have a thorough understanding of the technology landscape and can provide you with a digital strategy and a development roadmap. A prototype, which is essentially a preliminary visualization of your app, will help you test your customers’ user experiences and reactions to the strategic design and direction of your app.
  • Mobile App UI/UX Design – This is where the designers come in and make your app far more accessible, discoverable, and efficient, in an attempt to optimize the user experience and interactive experience for hand-held as well as wearable devices. They take the entire customer journey into consideration and strive to improve their subjective experience.
  • Mobile App Development – Most companies offer all, native, web, and cross-platform/hybrid app development services. They help you decide target platforms, create developmental frameworks, and even support website-to-app conversion.
  • Backend Development – The backend is the functional core of the mobile app. Developers use a wide range of programming languages and technologies to create a backend that handles calculations, performance, and database interactions. These backends can be integrated with any app or third-party system of the customer’s choice.
  • Wearable App Development – User-centric applications are specifically tailored and developed to flawlessly run on wearable technology like smartwatches and glasses.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) App Development – These involve systems, like company security systems, smart home systems, accounting systems, etc., in which devices communicate and exchange data without the involvement of a person. This service is meant to help you create new business models and improve your operational efficiency.
  • Mobile App QA, Maintenance,& Post-Warranty Support – The company ensures that the end-user is getting the best possible product experience. From performance speed to security compliance, everything should be rigorously assured and tested. In order to drive user engagement, the app is continually fine-tuned, its functionality is expanded, and cutting-edge mobile experience are frequently introduced.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are used to drive website traffic and establish an online presence for the brand. It’s an approach that unifies a company’s business goals and marketing goals in order to improve brand awareness.
  • Payment Gateway Integration – A payment gateway is pretty much the heart of an ecommerce business. Its integration by mobile app development companies helps businesses modernize payment strategies and give their customers a seamless digital experience.
  • Today, a lot of mobile app development companies in Kuwait are able to expand the range and scope of their services by constantly mastering and adapting to emerging technologies. Having special expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Augmented Reality, helps add value to the client’s digital journey.

With over 20 years of experience, we at Design Master, with the help of an excellent team of mobile app developers in Kuwait, have provided a plethora of mobile app development services to businesses spanning across a multitude of industries like Automotive, eCommerce, Education, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Restaurants, Health & Lifestyle, Real Estate, Travel & Tourism, Social Networking, and many more. Take a look at our portfolio here, and allow us to transform your mobile app.

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