Ways To Improve Your Social Media Presence As A Small Business

Owning and operating a small business can be an overwhelming process. You might be required to assume multiple roles and responsibilities at once just to keep your business running smoothly. And this may have prevented you from dipping your feet into the world of social media marketing. Or, even if you manage to post consistently on these platforms, you may be bothered by a lack of increase in followers. If so, you’re not the only one. Creating a meaningful presence on social media takes time and effort but it is an essential tool for businesses of any size. Think about it this way. How much more likely are you to purchase a product/service from a company that you’re already following on social media?

Social media is not merely another publishing or marketing avenue. It is in fact an excellent way to build trusting and engaging digital relationships with your target audience. To help you create a social media strategy that actually works and manage your brand’s presence with quality and consistency, we have listed a few helpful tips and practices.

1. Start with a plan

Yes, creating social media accounts and posting on them doesn’t cost a dime. But you’re still investing time and effort into your strategy. Companies that provide social media marketing services in Kuwait will tell you that creating a detailed plan is pivotal to defining your expectations and tracking your progress. Start by making SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) based on metrics (like conversion rate). Conduct a competitive analysis but also pay attention to what and how businesses from other industries are publishing on various social channels. It’s also helpful to create a social media calendar which will help you save time and be more consistent with your posts. Eventually, you can schedule and automate posts, making it easier to respond to audience comments.

2. Pick your platforms

There are thousands of social media networks that are dedicated to a myriad of purposes. The easiest bet, according to top digital marketing agencies in Kuwait, is to join the most popular ones, given that they work for your specific audience and goals. Once you take a look at the demographic information for all major social media networks, you will be able to figure out where your target audience spends the most of its online time. But remember, you can utilize different platforms to satisfy different business goals.

  • Facebook is the largest social media platform, and ideal for generating business leads and building relationships.
  • LinkedIn, the business networking platform, is generally used by both B2C and B2B businesses. It is a great way to build credibility, expand one’s network, and get insider knowledge from industry experts.
  • If your audience is on the younger to middle-aged side, and you’re looking to deliver timely announcements and participate in trending topics, Twitter can be the perfect outlet for your marketing strategy.
  • Pinterest is for all the visually appealing businesses out there. Think food, fashion, and travel. Pinterest is like a visual search engine that inspires audiences to discover, plan, and make purchases.
  • Needless to say, Instagram has become an insanely popular and widely used social media app, especially for the 24-35 age range. Small business owners can take advantage of this platform by posting high-quality photos and videos, responding to comments, and using hashtags appropriately.
  • TikTok has rocked the world of social media by its rapid growth during the pandemic. A lot of well-established brands have taken advantage of the platform’s high-range music directory and unique filters to attract and engage their audiences.

It’s wise to include more than one of these platforms as a part of your strategy and use them to accomplish different business goals and reach different demographics. However, trying to establish a presence on all platforms simultaneously is an unsustainable approach that might end up overwhelming you and not give you the specific results you’re looking for. Instead, focus all your energy and creativity on the social media platforms that best align with your target audience and your business goals.

3. Engage your audience

Creating SMART goals and scheduling posts mean little if your content is not exciting and entertaining for your audience. Only once you drive engagement, will you be able to foster fruitful relationships with your audience and secure their trust. Some ways to achieve this is by regularly commenting on posts, starting and participating in conversations, asking and answering questions, posting and following up with polls, and always thanking your customers. It’s also crucial to be open to complaints and criticisms and actively address them. Building a loyal community will produce ongoing sales in the long run. Afterall, customer retention is just as important as customer acquisition, if not more.

4. Work with entrepreneurs and influencers

No business is too small to be able to connect with influencers. Micro-influencers often have few dedicated followers and a friendly budget. You can find influencers that have similar content, develop relationships with them, and maybe even give them products/services in exchange for a review on their social media profile. You may consider partnering up with other brands and companies too. This way you can use their network to expand your own. Such joint promotion is also a great way to reach wider audiences and gain new followers.

5. Promote less, communicate more

Ultimately, every business wants to increase their sales through social media, especially after putting in all the work. But social media platforms are not best defined as active promotional platforms. In fact, they are marketing tools, which when used correctly, will undoubtedly drive growth and engagement. Keep the 80-20 rule in mind. 20% of the content shared can be promotional in nature. The other 80% should be used effectively to inform, educate, entertain, and meet the needs of your audience.

As you become more skilled with this process, you will gradually discover the techniques and platforms that work great for you and make the most sense for your business. Setting aside dedicated minutes every day to work on your social media presence will only in a space of a few months, generate significant increases in the number of followers and level of engagement. When done the right way, social media marketing can accelerate inbound leads and attract a large customer base. In Kuwait, online marketing companies strive to achieve these favorable results slowly and steadily. We at Design-Master, a long-standing digital marketing company in Kuwait, understand that social media marketing is a dynamic and interactive process. In conjunction with our Facebook and Instagram marketing experts, we aim to make it far easier for you to grab your target audience’s attention and for them to learn more about your product/service. contact us today to establish a powerful and lasting social media presence for your business.

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