Why Choose Google Ads For Digital Marketing

To anyone with a working internet connection, it’s no news that Google is the most popular and widely used search engine in the entire world. It amasses over 3.5 billion search queries every day and over 40,000 search queries every second. Because it has unimaginable access to billions of potential audiences and users actively searching for goods and services, it has become the leader of online advertising. In fact, Google’s famous advertising program and solution, Google Ads, is the largest advertising platform till date. Today, advertising on Google is not merely a way to improve reach and increase revenue; it is a necessity if one wishes to stay competitive.

To understand Google Ads, we will first define pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, since Google Ads is Google’s PPC advertising solution and in fact, the most effective form of PPC to this date. PPC ads appear everywhere: search engine results pages (SERPs), videos, apps, websites, and social media. Since they permeate such a huge range of platforms, they get tons of views. But like the name suggests, advertisers don’t really pay for the views, they pay for the clicks. Google keeps a count of the number of clicks generated on their ads, and then charges them a fixed rate for each click.

Google Ads allows one to advertise through many of Google’s online services. This means you can also place ads on Gmail, Google Maps, Google Discovery, YouTube, etc.

Google’s ad offerings can be split into two primary networks:

  • The Search Network (Text Ads) - The entirety of Google is contained within this network. Advertisers can bid on thousands of keywords and phrases in order to target potential customers. An Ad Rank is calculated for each ad in the auction, deciding whether or not the users will see your ads. Generally, these are the first results that pop up right at the top of Google’s SERPs.
  • The Display Network (Image & Banner Ads) - This network consists of more visual ads, like banners. Visual ads are a great choice for advertisers primarily interested in raising brand awareness and less interested in acquiring quick conversion rates.
  • The Shopping Network (Product Ads) - Shopping ads are meant to feature detailed information about your products. This is an ideal option for eCommerce and drop-shipping websites. Here, advertisers do not need to input keywords. Google sources the keywords automatically from product titles and descriptions. A subset of this network called smart shopping, uses algorithmic targeting to display ads to users who show high intent and interest in the product based on their previous search activity. Smart shopping uses all five networks to advertise.
  • The Video Network (YouTube Ads) - These include ads that you see either before, after, or in the middle of YouTube videos. However, video campaigns can also appear as a part of Google’s display network.
  • App Ads (Google AdMob) - This is Google’s way of helping app developers make more money from apps. Ads are matched to your app depending on a pre-set criteria by you, and are paid for by advertisers interested in promoting their products. Different ads have different prices so the amount app developers in Kuwait earn varies.

It’s best to keep an assortment of different ads as part of your content distribution strategy, so your chosen digital marketing agency in Kuwait can use different ad formats to target people at various stages of your business lifecycle.

Google Ads is now such a widely used term that it is used synonymously with “paid search”, despite the existence of other Ad platforms. The fact alone should suffice to signal its indispensability in the ad market, but let’s go over some of Google Ads’ most striking benefits:

  • Reach - It’s no surprise that Google has an immense audience that is ever increasing. This improves the chance for advertisers to reach new potential customers. This vast source of prospective customers in combination with Google’s increasingly accurate search results, courtesy its reliance on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, has made Google Ads an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.
  • Quality + Relevance ⟩ Big Money - Although reasonable, it is an incorrect assumption that those with huge marketing budgets secure the highest ranks on Google Ads. Instead of focusing on the amount of money spent, Google Ads evaluates the quality and relevance of the ads. It understands that the more relevant the ad is, the more enjoyable the experience will be for the user and the more time they’re likely to spend on Google. If your ad is relevant, optimized, and high-quality, you do not have to match the bids of bigger advertisers who use low-quality ads.
  • Your click-through rate (CTR), the percentage of users that land on your ad page by clicking on it, is also a metric used by Google to vouch for your ad’s quality and appeal.
  • Ad Formats - As listed above, Google has an entire reservoir of features that advertisers and internet marketing experts can use to enhance their ads. Apart from the range of ad formats available in the display and video networks, features such as ad extensions, sitelinks, user reviews, and location targeting can be used to customize ads for any business or industry. What’s more, Google continually implements new formats and features, so that all kinds of advertisers can expand their customer base.
  • Fast Results - Creating required accounts and setting up the first campaign does not take long at all. Within a few days, you can even get an analysis on the performance of your ads and edit and optimize as necessary. Results can be gained quickly, a lot faster than organic strategies like SEO (Check out our comprehensive blog on SEO to learn more about it). Google’s speed will help you test your new ideas at a faster pace.
  • Local Ads - Google makes advertising for businesses that rely on local traffic super easy and efficient. If you plan and advertise at profitable times and work to increase your brand awareness, you can benefit the most. Because local search has high purchase intent, especially for service-related keywords, it has the potential to quickly exponentiate your sales.
  • Remarketing - Even more important than advertising to new potential customers is advertising to users who have already visited your website. Google Ads offers different sales funnels and ad formats, as discussed above, to ease this process. By advertising to returning users, you greatly increase your chances of landing a sale. You could play around with different Google Ads features to find the best ad format for converting visitors into customers. The results will be different for different target audiences and products.

Choosing to advertise with Google Ads means you’re willing to make a financial investment for your business. However, doing so successfully also necessitates a certain time investment. Checking on your ads and keywords at least weekly and adjusting to make any performance improvements will be central to your marketing strategy.

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