Why Your Business Needs Professional Photography

Remember the days when taking a photograph meant carefully setting up the camera and waiting a week or more for the pictures to be developed? The advent of digital cameras has eliminated all that waiting and inconvenience, and has made taking great photos so much easier. And this technological evolution has brought along all good things for businesses.

Photographs today are used at small and large scales to promote businesses, increase traffic, and engage customers.

Think about digital marketing for a second, especially photography, and of the immense influence it has on people. Take social media platforms like Instagram for instance, that companies of all sizes are using to upload images as an effective way to raise their brand profile. It’s true, a precise and crisp image has the power to quickly convey the kind of product/service you are selling, without exposing the reader to any textual material. In fact, a straight-to-the-face visual context actually encourages visitors to read further details about the product/service.

Anyone with a smartphone can click a photo, but there is a lot more that goes into a great photograph that can only be achieved by a professional photographer and an experienced Kuwait digital marketing company.

  • For one, it’s essential to have a creative eye. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer visiting your website or social media and think about the types of pictures that would create an engaging experience for them. A creative imagination is key to making your product/service stand out.
  • Next, insufficient lighting hides product features, distorts color, and simply looks unprofessional. It can also lead to false advertisement. Proper lighting is pivotal to showcasing your product and enhancing it visually.
  • Finally, images can be enhanced even further by professional editing. Editing has come a long way today, and tools like Adobe Creative Cloud and Sony’s Final cut pro should not be put on the backburner.

In today’s digital world, photography is an essential tool for two main digital spaces:

  • Social media - It has been found that Facebook posts that use images generate 2.3 times more engagement than posts that don’t contain any photos. Instagram, on the other hand, primarily relies on images to gain traction. In general, an Instagram and Facebook marketing company in Kuwait that uses good photography, even if its just depicting company events and office culture, can help your brand stand out on pretty much any social media platform.
  • E-commerce - When it comes to product photography, it becomes even more important to use specific tools and effective techniques to showcase your product in a way that compels visitors to make a purchase. Product photography is essential for any kind of advertising, whether social media, other online platforms, or offline advertising for magazines and billboards. Remember that the product photo needs to be professional and engaging enough for visitors to be interested to read more about the product and get inspired to make a purchase.

You might still wonder though, what is it about photography that makes it so important? Why does it have the ability to increase website conversion by 161%? And why is it so effective in improving engagement rates, increasing brand awareness, and transforming brand perception? Let’s look at a few of the reasons.

  1. Perception of quality

    Almost all online shoppers use product images to influence their decision-making. Naturally, people like to see what they’re purchasing before actually making the purchase. So if your photographs are of the highest quality, they will not only increase user engagement, but will have a direct impact on whether or not a potential customer chooses to invest in your product.

  2. SEO

    Yes, photographs help with your website’s SEO too. How else would websites with images receive 90% more traffic than websites without images? Every photograph’s description and alt tag can be search engine optimized by a professional SEO company in Kuwait, to increase its discoverability. However, be wary of slowing down your website by using a lot of images. It’s best to compress images before you upload them, so its easier for your website to handle them, and won’t compromise its load time.

  3. Originality

    Using original photos helps establish brand identity by showing off all that’s unique about your business. Let’s be honest, it’s far easier to use stock images on your website. But keep in mind that original and unique images have the ability to increase conversions by 35%, which you will not be able to achieve with stock photos and unprofessional photography.

  4. Authenticity

    If you are in the finance or medical sector, or any industry that involves professional services, listen up. Trust and connection will be the two most important elements that will help you retain customers. Providing an autentic visual representation of your brand by using pictures of your actual staff, office, and business, will do a great job of sparking a connection between you and your viewers. Using your own images (as opposed to stock photos) improves credibility and visitors are more likely to trust your brand.

While it’s true that anyone can take a picture, professional photographers and social media merketing companies in Kuwait can do wonders for your business. It is the very foundation of a successful marketing strategy. With professional photography, you get the best lighting, the best angle, and can effectively capture the essence of your brand.

At Design Master, one of the best digital marketing companies in Kuwait, we offer a wide variation of photography skills for different kids of projects. Be it landscape, real estate, or product photography, our experience with publishing, marketing, and advertising literature ensures that we click shots that best suits your project. Our in-house marketing team and SEO experts in Kuwait can help you produce images keeping specific marketing goals in mind, and effectively promote them across all platforms for maximum visibility. We specialize in artistic digital photography, and like to think we are very creative in the photographs we take and produce.

Ready to bring your product/service to life? Contact us if you wish to see our full portfolio of photographs.

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